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09 April 2011 @ 02:55 pm
Elizabeth Taylor header!

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25 January 2011 @ 08:54 pm
1x Misfits
1x Being Human
1x Charlie Chaplin
2x 500 Days Of Summer


See rest here.

If used, please credit moi_moi_lounge. Thanks!
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05 September 2010 @ 06:33 pm
Apologies for the tag system. Am currently transferring them over into categories but it's an INSANELY big job. So it's going to be a bit all the over the place the next few days!
Bette Davis
Benedict Cumberbatch
Gustav Klimt [17-22]
Fernando Botero [23-26]
Pablo Picasso [27-31]
Paul Gauguin [32-34]
Vincent Van Gogh [35-40]


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